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Welcome to Mundistry!

Hello, welcome to Mundistry, an MMO browser game that simulates being a music artist!

You should consider joining our discord server:

If you would like to report any bugs, please add @billswax#0025 on discord and we can chat.

You can email me at

How to play Mundistry is currently being written. You can comment any information you think should be added.

More updates will be added soon.

Hope you enjoy the game!

- Billswax

Mundistry Christmas Update

Christmas is here!

As its the first of December, we decided to change a few things.

The logo now has a Christmas tree in!

There is a temporary Christmas genre that will expire next month.

We hope to keep Mundistry exciting for the rest of this year and hopefully more to come!

Hope you enjoy the game!

- Billswax

Beta 1.1 Released!

We released Beta 1.1

We've added different skills, so you can specialise in particular aspects of music and genres, letting you choose what style of music you want to produce.

Of course, your skill trees will specify which genres of song you are better at making, so the songs you make with those particular genres will typically have a higher quality.

This will be followed with bands, so players can finally collaborate with each other.

I'll update the user guide soon to explain the new features.

Hope you enjoy the game!

- Billswax

The Rewrite is Finished!

We've been working hard and have finally finished the rewrite!

We're looking forward to hearing your suggestions and new features to be added.

Also remember to report any bugs on the Discord .

Hope you enjoy the game!

- Billswax

We're rewriting the game!

@TheFake-VIP has been working hard on rewriting the game for the past 3 days.

He's about 30% of the way through so far, so stay tuned.

Once it's finished, implementing new features will be a breeze.

If you want any updates on the rewrite, join the Mundistry discord.

Hope you enjoy the game!

- Billswax