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Mundistry Returns

Mundistry has returned while we are working on the Laravel rewrite.

You can view the rewrite at

This version may contain bugs. This is because we wiped the database.

If you'd like a bug fixed, please report it in the #bug-reports channel on our Discord server.

We hope to release the new version soon.

- Billswax

Game Reset

I reset the game due to there being too many fans.

I've also kept all the old songs, singles, albums and labels from the previous iteration.

We should fix issues with the exponential growth of fans in the upcoming version.

Hopefully this shouldn't deter you from continuing to play the game.

- Billswax

Shop Prices Reduced

I've reduced the prices of upgrades in the shop.

This was due to complaints about upgrades being too costly.

Anyone who has spent money on upgrades during this iteration has been refunded $100.

- Billswax

Bugs Fixed

I've fixed bugs on the shop and record label pages.

These bugs were stopping Mundistry from being fully playable, however now they should be fixed.

Mundistry is now just as functional as it used to be.

- Billswax