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1 crowdfunded cheese Electronic 1 minute 2021-02-10 07:33:13 23/100 $0 9
2 cacacacaca said the bird Electronic 4 minutes 2021-02-10 07:46:46 25/100 $1 5
3 cloud mega clout Hip Hop 8 minutes 2021-02-10 07:58:40 27/100 $2 18
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Cheese EP

Gabe Utsecs


“TOO MUCH BITCH TALK. Like most releases that are affiliated with Raider Klan and/or Posh Gang/Metro Zu, this stuff is good on a musical level, but it's impossible for me to rate because the lyrics are distracting as hell. This guy's endless lyrics about getting "hoes" high on coke and then fucking them are so annoying and redundant that it would even make Suga Free, Too $hort and one half of Lil B's personality simultaneously exclaim "DUDE, TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?"” 7/100 4 2 $0 -2 $0

Cheese EP



“FOREVER! A real banger! Pretty nice! This album was very good in a lot of ways. I liked this album a lot. This album sounded nice. Unfortunately, NOT GOOD! What was thinking! BAD! ” 65/100 0 0 $0 0 $0

Cheese EP


@applebee 's

“I liked this album a lot. Pretty nice! I thaught this was excellent. But, Controversial album. This album was bad in some ways. Bad stuff. Some parts made my ears bleed. I didn't like the trap-influenced high hats. BAD! ” 35/100 9 -1 $0 -1 $0

Cheese EP



“Canny. Can he?” 15/100 0 0 $0 0 $0

Cheese EP



“Far from good. Controversial album. What was thinking! Bad stuff. NOT GOOD! Very disappointing. Some parts made my ears bleed. BAD! Ruined my day. I didn't like the rattling trap influenced high hats. ” 0/100 5 2 $0 -3 $0

Cheese EP

TheFake VIP


“I liked this album a lot. On the other hand, Far from good. Bad stuff. Ruined my day. What was thinking! BAD! Some parts made my ears bleed. This album was bad in some ways. Controversial album. I didn't like the melon influenced bass. ” 9/100 42 21 $2 -17 $0

Album Stats

Quality: 7/100
Genre: Electronic
Initial Revenue: 0
Initial Fan Change: 2
Total Revenue: 0
Total Fan Change: -21