Slaprington - Lost cords (0/100)

Long forgotten chords found wandering in a pair of lost cords
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1 Geodesic Drone Electronic 1 minute 2021-02-10 20:34:20 2/100 $0 1
2 Rumblestiltskin Electronic 2 minutes 2021-02-10 20:39:01 2/100 $0 1
3 Twist and kraut Electronic 4 minutes 2021-02-10 20:45:12 9/100 $0 2
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Lost cords

TheFake VIP


“What was Slaprington thinking! Ruined my day. BAD! This album was bad in some ways. I didn't like the melon influenced bass. Controversial album. Far from good. ” 2/100 6 3 $0 -3 $0

Lost cords


@applebee 's

“I didn't like the rattling trap influenced high hats. On the other hand, Clearly Slaprington knows what they're doing. Banging tunes! I liked this album a lot. This album sounded nice. Pretty nice! A real banger! I think this album is really cool. I liked the trap-influenced high hats. This album was very good in a lot of ways. ” 90/100 5 -30 $0 2 $0

Lost cords



“Controversial album. NOT GOOD! What was Slaprington thinking! BAD! Very disappointing. Some parts made my ears bleed. Ruined my day. I didn't like the melon influenced bass. Bad stuff. This album was bad in some ways. ” 0/100 5 3 $0 -3 $0

Lost cords



“It was so bad- I hated it. Almost burst my eardrums. I really, really wish those "cords" had remained lost. No one deserves to be tortured like this.” 0/100 7 4 $0 -4 $0

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Quality: 0/100
Genre: Electronic
Initial Revenue: 0
Initial Fan Change: 1
Total Revenue: 0
Total Fan Change: -7