Random stuff

Title: Random stuff
Description: Let’s get more fans and get rid of a load of songs
Genre: Drum and Bass

TheFake VIP


Record Label:

No Limits Fun

Total Revenue: $0
Fans Gained from Album: 1
Album Quality: 4/100


#TitleGenreTime SpentQuality
1This is the only time I’ll ever get anywhere near a good quality on the one minute songDrum and Bass1 minute 6/100
2 I just don’t care! Pop2 minutes 7/100
3 Three: it’s the magic numberRock4 minutes 4/100
4 My favourite number Classical8 minutes 4/100
5Arch rules!Drum and Bass16 minutes 0/100


Reviewer Score Review Text

Big Penny


4/100 BAD! Some parts made my ears bleed. Very disappointing. What was TheFake VIP thinking! I didn't like the melon influenced bass. Controversial album.

Dick Spoonsley's

@spoob dooter

4/100 NOT GOOD! BAD! Some parts made my ears bleed. I didn't like the rattling trap influenced high hats. Very disappointing. Controversial album. This album was bad in some ways. What was TheFake VIP thinking!