When you officially cleaned

Title: When you officially cleaned
Description: This is like one of those greatest hits album is why they just release a bunch of songs you already have.
Genre: Drum and Bass

TheFake VIP


Record Label:

No Limits Fun

Total Revenue: $0
Fans Gained from Album: 2
Album Quality: 1/100


#TitleGenreTime SpentQuality
1 Exams are good! Drum and Bass60 minutes 3/100
2 Do you out of 100 for an hour long single!? Drum and Bass60 minutes 8/100
3Gimme dem fansDrum and Bass60 minutes 2/100


Reviewer Score Review Text



98/100 Pretty nice! I liked this album a lot. I liked the rattling trap influenced high hats. Clearly TheFake VIP knows what they're doing. FOREVER! I thaught this was excellent. Banging tunes! I think this album is really cool. This album was very good in a lot of ways. A real banger!

Big Penny


1/100 Bad stuff. I didn't like the rattling trap influenced high hats. Far from good. Very disappointing. What was TheFake VIP thinking! NOT GOOD! Ruined my day. Controversial album. Some parts made my ears bleed.