Big Tits. Big Guns. Big Games.

Title: Big Tits. Big Guns. Big Games.
Description: If, according to Kanye West, one good girl is worth a thousand bitches, and if, according to Lil Wayne, bitches come a dime a dozen, does that mean one good girl is worth $8.33?

Well, $8.35 in Canada.

In Thailand, $8.33 is about 275 Baht. 275 Baht will get you a skanky one in a Thai brothel. If you want a really good hooker, it'll cost you at least 2000 Baht, or about $61.00. So in the simple formula -0.0083B2 = G. This intuitively makes sense when you think about how the more bitches you have around you
Genre: Christmas

Dick Spoonsley's

@spoob dooter

Record Label:

The Ass Boys

Total Revenue: $8
Fans Lost from Album: -31,504,540,952,965
Album Quality: 92/100


#TitleGenreTime SpentQuality
1chinese beef soupple...Christmas60 minutes 89/100
2BEST MUNDISTRY PLAYERChristmas60 minutes 83/100
3pewed pip he bes terChristmas60 minutes 80/100
4moneu doesn:t payChristmas60 minutes 89/100
5oojChristmas60 minutes 82/100
6Hoes Of Iron 420: cool menChristmas60 minutes 80/100
7i ges.ilbe genjih haChristmas60 minutes 80/100
8pipo com arond...Christmas60 minutes 96/100
9I HAVE FOUND MY WEEWEEChristmas60 minutes 79/100
10BOUND 5Christmas60 minutes 99/100
11BOUND 1Christmas60 minutes 90/100
12baba ganoush 10/10Christmas60 minutes 89/100
13oko homiChristmas60 minutes 77/100


Reviewer Score Review Text

TheFake VIP


95/100 A real banger! I liked this album a lot. Banging tunes! Pretty nice! This album was very good in a lot of ways. I think this album is really cool. This album sounded nice. FOREVER! Clearly Dick Spoonsley's knows what they're doing.