Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Title: Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Description: Selected Ambient Works 85–92 is the debut studio album by English electronic musician Billy Lapworth under the pseudonym Billswax. It was released by Warp Records as a very limited import on 28 October 2019 and later widely in November 2019. The album features tracks recorded onto cassette reputedly dating as far back as 2017, when Lapworth was fourteen years old.
Genre: Electronic



Record Label:

Warp Records

Total Revenue: $0
Fans Gained from Album: 2,337
Album Quality: 22/100


#TitleGenreTime SpentQuality
1XtalElectronic60 minutes 17/100
2ThaElectronic60 minutes 19/100
3PulsewidthElectronic60 minutes 25/100
4AgeispolisElectronic60 minutes 17/100
5iElectronic60 minutes 25/100
6Green CalxElectronic60 minutes 17/100
7HeliosphanElectronic60 minutes 25/100
8We Are The Music MakersElectronic60 minutes 19/100
9Schottkey 7th PathElectronic60 minutes 18/100
10PtolemyElectronic60 minutes 25/100
11HedphelymElectronic60 minutes 23/100
12DelphiumElectronic60 minutes 28/100
13ActiumElectronic60 minutes 23/100


Reviewer Score Review Text

Frank Martin

@Frank Martin

22/100 Mediocre to say the least, very apathetic towards this as I imagine the composer himself also is, forgettable and merely sounds like a whale breathing heavily whilst also letting out lots of gas.



25/100 aphex twin rollin in his grave



22/100 BAD! Some parts made my ears bleed. I didn't like the melon influenced bass. This album was bad in some ways. Far from good. Very disappointing. What was Billswax thinking! On the other hand, I liked this album a lot. Banging tunes!



22/100 The perfect soundtrack to a vasectomy.



22/100 Bad stuff. NOT GOOD! Far from good. This album was bad in some ways. Ruined my day. Controversial album. And now, the good things. , I liked this album a lot. Pretty nice!

TheFake VIP


25/100 A top album made by a top lad.

MC Scoobert

@MC Scoobert

22/100 6th most overrated artist of the 1990's t. Piero Scaruffi



22/100 where did bonini touch you show me on the doll

Big F


22/100 Ok inactive dev