The Mind's a Stage; wh're the Wood roteth and the Audience fades.

Title: The Mind's a Stage; wh're the Wood roteth and the Audience fades.
Description: After 7 months after the double EPs "Modern Failures", Lunarty finally releases her full-length debut. In this debut, she decides to explore the dark topic of dementia, in the form of a Shakespearean play. The album uses minimal production and sampling to create a scene of a theatre, and of a grand old important one, yet in slow deterioration, almost nostalgic of a bygone era, that soon will be bygone for good.

Melissa is a famous actress and singer, known as the star of the theatre. The ballroom is near, the stage is open, the performance will commence. She has prepared for everything, but what she doesn't know is that her play may fall apart at any moment. Unbeknownst to her, early-onset dementia has formed, and it won't take long before she realises what's wrong. The Mind's a Stage; wh're the Wood roteth and the Audience fades.

Lunarty can not be held responsible for any emotional trauma, grief or death caused by the album. This album is based on historical events that occurred in Lunarty's personal life, hence it will accurately reflect that. Emotionally weak beware.
Genre: Electronic



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Total Revenue: $380,502
Fans Gained from Album: 13,324
Album Quality: 93/100


#TitleGenreTime SpentQuality
1Open Thy Stage, My Time Has ComeElectronic60 minutes 99/100
2I Loved You Once BeforeElectronic60 minutes 93/100
3EmbraceElectronic60 minutes 99/100
4A Fragility FormingElectronic60 minutes 93/100
5Past Awareness Electronic60 minutes 91/100
6Consious FadingElectronic60 minutes 96/100
7Longing at the Chance of a ThoughtElectronic60 minutes 94/100
8Dance With The Few RemainingElectronic60 minutes 95/100
9Patient Glass ShardsElectronic60 minutes 94/100
10Act 3: Post AwarenessElectronic60 minutes 98/100


Reviewer Score Review Text

The Oatband


92/100 -1 score for the pretentious title



93/100 ok

Frank Martin

@Frank Martin

93/100 Another surprisingly strong album.



93/100 I liked the melon influenced bass. I thaught this was excellent. FOREVER! I liked this album a lot. Clearly Lunarty knows what they're doing. Pretty nice! Banging tunes! On the other hand, Ruined my day.

TheFake VIP


100/100 For a debut album this litterally couldn't get any better!



93/100 Doth Mother know you weareth her drapes?

Big F


93/100 It's ok I guess



93/100 Worst shit ever heard but I didn’t listen to it

MC Scoobert

@MC Scoobert

0/100 SHITE. Simple as



93/100 Ruined my day. On the other hand, This album was very good in a lot of ways. I think this album is really cool. Banging tunes! FOREVER! This album sounded nice. Clearly Lunarty knows what they're doing. I liked the melon influenced bass.