The Mind's a Stage; wh're the Piece incompleteth (B-sides)

Title: The Mind's a Stage; wh're the Piece incompleteth (B-sides)
Description: The B-sides to the Lunarty debut album, "The Mind's a Stage; wh're the Wood roteth and the Audience fades", featuring songs that were cut from the album as well as one of the tracks that were the starting point, "Tape Loop 3".
Genre: Electronic



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Total Revenue: $14
Fans Gained from Album: 14
Album Quality: 88/100


#TitleGenreTime SpentQuality
1Silently UncohesiveElectronic60 minutes 85/100
2The Yellow BallroomElectronic60 minutes 80/100
3Fuel to The Burning MemoriesElectronic60 minutes 89/100
4It's All Forgotten NowElectronic60 minutes 86/100
5The Identi...Electronic60 minutes 87/100
6BlissElectronic60 minutes 88/100
7Loss of The selfElectronic60 minutes 80/100
8Pieces A ThousandElectronic60 minutes 87/100
9The Entrance of a LifetimeElectronic60 minutes 79/100
10Beauty is Yet One of UncertainityElectronic60 minutes 89/100
11Hopes of an DecayElectronic60 minutes 83/100
12Tape Loops 3: Conjuring Imagination of the AfterElectronic60 minutes 84/100


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88/100 baaad

Frank Martin

@Frank Martin

88/100 Decent but pretentious album. Throw in some jazz for goodness sake.

TheFake VIP


100/100 Banging tunes! I thaught this was excellent. This album sounded nice. I think this album is really cool. I liked this album a lot. I liked the rattling trap influenced high hats. This album was very good in a lot of ways. A real banger! FOREVER!

Big F


88/100 Pretty good, actually

MC Scoobert

@MC Scoobert

88/100 its good now give me money



88/100 FOREVER! This album was very good in a lot of ways. I liked this album a lot. Pretty nice! I liked the melon influenced bass. Clearly Lunarty knows what they're doing. A real banger! This album sounded nice. But, I didn't like the melon influenced bass.