Back To The Ratrace

Title: Back To The Ratrace
Description: The 5th studio album from T.Y.D.A., focuses on themes of giving life all you've got. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

love life

Genre: Electronic



Record Label:

Columbia Records

Total Revenue: $8,334,320
Fans Gained from Album: 251,175
Album Quality: 89/100


#TitleGenreTime SpentQuality
1For YouElectronic60 minutes 100/100
2Zip ItElectronic60 minutes 94/100
3RiseElectronic60 minutes 94/100
4GoalElectronic60 minutes 86/100
5Look Over ThereElectronic60 minutes 84/100
6Never AgainElectronic60 minutes 96/100
7The Way You LieElectronic60 minutes 100/100
8Give ThanksElectronic60 minutes 98/100
9Time Stands StillElectronic60 minutes 91/100
10Chasing LifeElectronic60 minutes 88/100
11No RulesElectronic60 minutes 92/100
12Killed For YouElectronic60 minutes 85/100
13Back to the RatraceElectronic60 minutes 82/100


Reviewer Score Review Text



70/100 I thaught this was excellent. Banging tunes! FOREVER! I liked this album a lot. I liked the melon influenced bass. Pretty nice! However, I didn't like the rattling trap influenced high hats. NOT GOOD! Bad stuff.

Frank Martin

@Frank Martin

89/100 I am extremely glad to hear this fella has kept his album clean and free of taboo topics, instead opting for a safe and approachable album. Although unsuitable for anyone with real musical taste, seeing as this is an electronic album with silly noises, this will be ideal for younger people learning the ability to hear. I endorse this album as an educational resource, I'm just hoping that it trains them to hear correctly and end up going onto Frank Martin albums, and not hearing distorted rubbish like this album on a regular basis and thinking positively of it.

Sodexo Food Company

@Sodexo Food Company

89/100 rat



89/100 was pretty good. beats were decent. lyrics hit. production vaule was really good



89/100 Niggas be like “nigger”



89/100 NOT GOOD! However, Clearly T.Y.D.A. knows what they're doing. I liked this album a lot. I thaught this was excellent. I liked the rattling trap influenced high hats. This album was very good in a lot of ways.

TheFake VIP


95/100 FOREVER! Pretty nice! I thaught this was excellent. This album sounded nice. Banging tunes! A real banger!



89/100 Class 1

Floss Perot


90/100 This is actually a 90 but I was paid to give it a 90

Big F


89/100 This is actually a 90 but I was paid to give it 89