Compilacion Penetracion XXXXXTetnacion Formacion Infatuacion Negleccion

Title: Compilacion Penetracion XXXXXTetnacion Formacion Infatuacion Negleccion
Description: Meant Jims Compilation
Wiggly Little Fetus song: wiggly lil fetus wiggly wiggly lil fetus go

Bilo je junaka
Bilo i biće
Sunce slobode sada nam sviće
Bilo je i onih koji nisu fer
Al' jedan je Mauzer
Panteri, panteri
Vi ste hrabri momci
Najhrabriji naši srpski dobrovoljci
Podvizi vaši to su prave šeme
Da ste pravi borci pokazalo vrijeme
Genre: Rock


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Total Revenue: $1
Fans Gained from Album: 38
Album Quality: 30/100


#TitleGenreTime SpentQuality
1draw kocks like Binsley did + CharsleyRock60 minutes 15/100
2Until' Tha Dawn (Feat. Bob Schmurda)Rock60 minutes 13/100
3TIME 4 DA JUICE MANEPop60 minutes 19/100
4de wachClassical60 minutes 19/100
5requestig cum artilery ayT MY PosktiomElectronic60 minutes 23/100
6YES YOU CAAAA aAaANNJazz60 minutes 16/100
7can i.. kink it??…Rock60 minutes 19/100
8SCHLAMANOMANO wtfRock60 minutes 19/100
9How did U kno that i am uzbek ancestry ngaRock60 minutes 15/100
10new memez on da block Part 2Hip Hop60 minutes 30/100
11boom bastaHip Hop60 minutes 28/100
12GTA: Mamio Vice Rock60 minutes 22/100
13radical jewishes: WE DGAF ABOUR UR SHIT... WE JUST NEED MATZAH AND TECHNO!!!...Rock60 minutes 21/100


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Frank Martin

@Frank Martin

30/100 Quite a disturbing and unsettling collection of songs I have had the misfortune of unfortunately assaulting my own ears by opting to listen to it. What absolutely RIDICULOUS nonsense I have sadly sat through, a terrible experience which I do not plan on revisiting any time this side of the millennium.

TheFake VIP


30/100 Banging tunes! I thaught this was excellent. A real banger! And now, the bad things. , This album was bad in some ways. NOT GOOD! Far from good. Ruined my day. Controversial album. Some parts made my ears bleed.

Big F


30/100 Shit simple as.

big pump :)


30/100 kinda shit

MC Scoobert

@MC Scoobert

30/100 I think this album is really cool. I thaught this was excellent. But, I didn't like the trap-influenced high hats. Ruined my day. This album was bad in some ways. NOT GOOD! What was Štugboter thinking!

Floss Perot


30/100 Confusing. Disturbing. Pointless. Words that describe this album better than any long review can; in fact, I hated this album so much I think I need to take a break from rock entirely. Do not buy this album unless you’re a masochist.