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Bio: Hello! My name is Lunarty, electronic and hip hop producer. If you want a baller ass beat you have me. If you want IDM breakbeats, you have me. If you want shitty songs, YOU. HAVE. ME. Enjoy your stay!

Consistency & Skills

Consistency: 50
Percussion Level: 15
Melodies Level: 30
Production Level: 30
Vocals Level: 25
Skill Total: 100/100


Album Title Genre Release Date Quality Revenue Generated Fans Generated
The Mind's a Stage; wh're the Piece incompleteth (B-sides) Electronic 88/100 $14 14 fans gained
The Mind's a Stage; wh're the Wood roteth and the Audience fades. Electronic 93/100 $380,497 13,320 fans gained
Modern Failures Electronic 0/100 $0 -15 fans lost
Modern Failures I Electronic 2/100 $0 -4 fans lost